Poetry & Writings by

        Claudia Havens Herbinaux 


1.  My Mother's Hands

My mother is now getting old
And her hair is a silver-gray,
But my dear Mother means more to me
Than she did of yesterday.
The hands that have fed and clothed me
From child hood days till now,
They are worth far more than riches be
From the sweat of an honest brow.

So, beautiful hands are those that do
Honest labor, kind and true
That soother the paths of youth and age
Yes, truly they're God's most noble page.

Claudia Havens (Herbinaux)

2.  War


"Who art thou, War, Pray dost thou tell?"

"I stand for bloodshed, Death and woe,

Why question thou me so?"
"Because, I've heard it said ye stand for Hell- "
"I do, and even more.  

My meaning, if thou wouldst implore 

Is triumph and defeat; victory and retreat;
I stand for fatherless, unsupported homes.
I stand for poverty, also wealth;
I stand for want of soothing health.
Does that to your questions reply?"
"Aye, why should I like thee war, and die?"


Claudia Havens (Herbinaux)