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George Stewart, the "JCPenny Man" has a very interesting story.  He married Marjorie Kampmeier, my mother Opal's sister.  He added a lot to our family story by his career with the Penny Co. and he and Marge's raising a wonderful family of two boys.  Barry and Alan in turn followed his example of work ethics in and out of the JCPenny Co.and have wonderful families of their own. George was known as "The Winner from Winner" since he was from Winner, South Dakota.  His (their) complete story can be found in the "Winner Pages".

The Family:  George S. STEWART   marries       Marjorie E. KAMPMEIER
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They have two boys:  

1.  Barry G. - marries  Diane QUINN - 3 children:

 Christina E. STEWART marries Nimit Oliver  2 children: Anna Grace, Anaiah Joel

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  Kathryn L. STEWART marries Brent Wiggington  2 children: Lauren,  Daniel

   Timothy  STEWART marries Rebecca

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2.  Alan R. marries Linda Henry       3 children:   

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    1.  Ellyn          

    2.  Emily

    3.  Edward

      Alan marries a second time - Suzanne    - 1 child = Molly

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The Grand Kids grow up. (click for collage)